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“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”

That is exactly what many a people feel when they first come to the magnificent country of Italy. 20 regions, each with its own dialect, tradition, architecture and palette– Italy is a feast par excellence. And as you stay longer, it only gets better.

At Maurya Travels, we dig deep to put your interests at the centre. And that is exactly what we have done for you in Italy. For art aficionados, part of ancient Rome seems buried under every doormat, Renaissance Florence presents itself as an open-air museum, and the next medieval fresco cycle is just a hill town away. For gourmets, there's olive oil of Tuscany, the pasta of Bologna, the seafood of Venice, the wine of Chianti, and for dessert, the pastries of Naples. For sun worshippers, the deep blue Adriatic washes the white sand beaches of Puglia, and the Tyrrhenian brushes against the tiny harbours and steep cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Italy is where monks chant in a Romanesque abbey, whitewashed houses stand next to fields of sunflowers, artisan workshops and Prada outlets both thrive, and aristocratic villas are converted into five-star hotels.

No wonder, nobody comes to this beautiful country only once!


A place that looks like the art its famous for. A magnanimous gallery of fine art, architecture and frescoes, Tuscany in itself is a natural painting with its lyrical landscapes, sculptural cypress alleys, medieval hilltop villages and a superb cucina contadina (farmer's kitchen). It’s a postcard come alive.


This is where ‘luxe’ is in the air. The fineries and elegance that doll up the villas and retreats in Como and surrounds has been an inspiration to some of the most artistic people in the world, where its natural beauty is known for kindling romance. It’s land where love goes chic.


Venice is the introduction to the land of experiences called Veneto. From pre-Renaissance frescoes of Padova to Conegliano that makes Italy’s finest bubbly – Prosecco Superiore; from razor-sharp peaks of the Dolomites to the potent firewater of Bassano del Grappa, Veneto will surprise you with hidden gems.


At the crossroads of Mediterranean, lies a spectacle of nature called Sicily. Imagine tropical white sands, rugged volcanic coastline, nature reserves, snow-capped peaks and black volcanoes & there you had a glimpse of Sicily. A natural playground, this region is active on sports and experiences.


Puglia is Italy’s sun-bleached heel. With its seas and hills, ravines & valleys, this uncontaminated realm of nature is also a historic and archaeological treasure-trove. Here you’ll be greeted with UNESCO heritage sites, drystone walled huts called Trullos (unique in the world) and the finest cave restaurant in the world on the shore.


Campania is the Italy of your wildest dreams; a rich, intense, hypnotic ragù of Arabesque street life, decadent palaces, pastel-hued villages and aria-inspiring vistas. From carefully coiffured trees and villas dripping with bougainvillea in Capri to Mediterranean cliff clinging abodes and verdant woodlands of Amalfi Coast, Campania is many spectacles rolled into one.

Our Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Castello del Nero Hotel & Spa, Tuscany.

Our Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Belmond Hotel Cipriani Venice

Our Preferred Hotels & Resorts

NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi.


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