Zakynthos Island


Greece becomes what you make of it. For some, it is the ancient sun-bleached ruins that pierce blue skies as the Aegean laps at the endless coastline, while others describe it as a ripe tomato dipped in the sea surrounded by musky scent of oregano and sage carried on the breeze. It is a land where mythology, history and masterpieces of ancient times breathe. And it also is an island hopper and beach bummers’ dream.

Grecian Archipelago lets you create your own fables of romance with 7500 km long coastline that is laced with music and bells and the moonlit marbles. It’s a land of stories – some from the past and most of the future.


Who thought an active volcanic land, with its multicoloured cliffs soaring above a sea-drowned caldera, could look like a giant slab of layered cake. But that’s Santorini. A snow-drift of white Cycladic houses which in places, spill like like icy cornices down the terraced rock, it is an island of romantic sunsets in the lap of luxury.


Not many capital cities can boast of rich ancient stories and sites like Athens does. Where Acropolis stands in the middle of the city, modern creativity & technology buzzes at its surrounds. Known for street art, mosaics and music all over the world, Athens keeps you glued for more.


This is where two different worlds live together. The Old Town lies within but utterly apart from the New Town, sealed like a medieval time capsule behind a double ring of high walls and a deep moat. Classical, Medieval, Ottoman and Italian eras entangled in a mind-boggling maze of twisting alleys, Rhodes is a sunset stroll through layers of history.



Often known as the wonders of the Aegan sea, isles of Greece are some of the most scenic and culture rich islands. From ultra-luxury in Santorini to active activities in Sporades, these islands are going to spoil you crazy. With 200 islands to pick from, you can create your own island-hopping Greek odyssey.


Sail on your own or rent one with a captain and crew. And jet set for scuba diving, water sports, or competitive rallies in the Aegean. Pepper some revitalising experiences, full of luxury, relaxation & authentic moments in traditional fishing ports & cosmopolitan Greek islands. From May until October the Greek seas are an open invitation for all!

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