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Should we call it ‘the land of fire’ or ‘a love affair between Europe and Asia’ because Azerbaijan is both and yet, much more. A melting point for many contrasts and contradictions, this hidden pearl of the Caucasus is where Eastern culture meets Western progress and lifestyle. From the beautiful mountains of Caucasus that lace the country toward the North to the exciting city life of the capital city Baku, Azerbaijan is a country that is waiting to surprise you.


The capital city is the architectural love child of Paris and Dubai, with plenty of Soviet genes floating half-hidden in the background. Expect to be charmed by UNESCO-listed old city, buzzing Baku Boulevard and gorgeous landscapes, all with a happening uber city lifestyle.


This UNESCO-listed petroglyph reserve is home to thousands of stick-figure stone engravings dating back to over 12000 years. A delight for history lovers, Qobustan also entices with its eerie landscape and hilltop views.


It would not be wrong if we call it Azerbaijan’s loveliest town. Dappled with tiled-roof old houses, it feels like a cocoon hidden amidst lush green mountains on the Northwest side of Azerbaijan.


Oil bath in Naftalan or sulfur-water springs? Get both and much more near Nakhchivan city, that attracts tourists from all over for its unique accommodation styles and spas.


If snow and skiing are your kind of things, then Azerbaijan is ideal for a short ski-getaway for you and your family. And we’re sure your social media will be active with all its instagrammable slopes!

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Our Preferred Hotels & Resorts

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